Marketing Investment Agency Based in Thailand

YSIS Investment Comms is an independent marketing and representative Bangkok-based agency specializing in marketing investment
or financial programs. As a subsidiary of YSIS ASIA Group of companies and founded by entrepreneur Natt Kawinrachataprida.

YSIS Investment Comms team brings forth over 10 years of experience in international and local business development, tactical know-how, localized yet global mindset, with both innovative and traditional approaches to create a balanced and differentiating communication strategies. Our company comprises of seasoned sales and marketing executives to well-trained young professionals with go-getter attitude to harness your unique story and amplify your message to your targeted clients.

We are your full outsourced third-party marketeer or a strategic complement to your existing marketing efforts to deliver results.


Whether you are a small business or larger organization, we offer a dedicated and professional attention to each of our clients. We believe in long-term partnership. Thus, in order to achieve successful results, we deeply analyze your business to understand your needs.


As a full-service marketing agency, YSIS Investment Comms partners with clients to achieve business goals using multi-channel inbound marketing. We provide data-driven marketing solutions strategically designed to convert your existing customers, attract new ones and optimize for success.

Why Us

Investment Marketing only works if you’re aggressive, especially in all channels. We assist you with our expertise in properly pre-planning campaigns on integrated online and offline channels and penetrating new markets.

Do you have attractive visuals that are localised for the new market? Do your marketing materials convey what you’re selling, its benefits, why should they invest with you? Once you have potential leads, how do you keep them? It’s better to be prepared to execute your brand as professionally as possible.

You’re asking people for their time and money: patience may be key. We’ve pulled them in and now it’s time for you to close the deal.

That's why choose us.