Real estate marketing has evolved than ever before- and it can get pretty complex. Before there were only offline prints, billboards, and publications. Technology has changed the ways marketing works!

New marketing approaches must be taken to capture the market- definitely for Southeast Asia. Creativity, skill and experience are as important to market real estate effectively, as well as understanding the local culture.

The success in the real estate industry mainly comes from the marketing strategy used. What makes your development appeal to them that they will not look somewhere else? Is it the price point, the concept, or location?

YSIS Investment Comms has marketed various real estate developments, each with its own distinctive characters, target customers, and price points. We aim to generate brand awareness, improve your development’s visibility, and most important, generate real leads. We represent local to global brands in delivering investment opportunities to both mass consumers and high net worth individuals. It’s not always the marketing strategy – sometimes it’s the marketing mindset.

At YSIS Investment Comms, we understand the real estate businesses, its partner industries, and ready to use our expertise to create a remarkable experience and support your current next project.