In the new retail era, brands need to be able to understand and connect to customers through different touchpoints to win sales. Creativity, skills, Communications, experience are key factors that play a massive role in capturing the retail and eCommerce market.

In order to achieve retail and eCommerce success, you need to be creative and utilizes every channel of marketing- strategically. Retail is mass – your target audience will be a preferred mass. Your product that will be in convenience stores, will need mass marketing. Your product going into a retailer will need a marketing support plan. Do you know how to utilize every, single, channel in Southeast Asia? We do.

Our current portfolios consist of public relation campaigns tailored for products going into mass retailers or convenience stores, from celebrity-centric perfumes & beauty products to local OEM products.

At YSIS Investment Comms, we understand the retails and ecommerce businesses and are ready to utilise our communications channels and expertise.