For hospitality, giving tourists meaningful and unforgettable memory is what create loyal customers. Before winning over the heart of these customers, you need to be able to attract them first! An integrated marketing communications strategy play an important role to attracting tourists for their dream getaway-as well as for the hotel’s brand positioning.

The tourism and hospitality sector is one of the fastest growing in Asia-Pacific. People are changing the way they travel. How do you positioning your brand or make sure your hotels remain at a 90% occupancy?

We represent a proud roaster of the World’s and Asia’s leading hospitality brands, from 5 stars hospitality to white label hotels. We’ve organized hotel launches, launched skybars, invited journalists to review hotels, market the F&B outlets within the property, or even highlight spa facilities and promotions. We set a group strategy and we help you or your in-house execute. We are performance-driven and drive leads for hotel bookings.

At YSIS Investment Comms, we understand the tourism and hospitality-related businesses as much as anyone else. When it comes to communications, we’re experts.
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